Personaggi nella prima produzione di Ligabue (1990-2000), tra canzoni, libri e film




Luciano Ligabue is one of the most successful singer-songwriters in Italy since his debut in 1990. Often considered an Italian Bruce Springsteen, from an Italian perspective he is perceived partly as a rock star and partly as a cantautore, like Vasco Rossi. But unlike Rossi,  he has directed three movies and published several books.
This article will deal with a special aspect of Ligabue’s multimedia production from 1990 to 2000: the presence of recurring characters – such as the bartender Mario – in a broader representation of the Italian small-town reality of Correggio, Ligabue’s birthplace and setting for his songs, books, and movies. In a transmedia environment, fiction and reality blend together, and through rhetorical strategies and musical simplicity fans are embedded in a shared setting that recalls Federico Fellini and Charles Bukowski.





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