Naturaleza, agua y resistencia ecológica en el rap del Cono Sur. Respuestas decoloniales y ecofeministas desde América Latina


  • Florian Homann Uni Münster



This study explores which ecocritical perspectives are articulated in 21st century Latin American rap to give voice to nature alongside with subaltern subjects, women, and marginalized groups. Methodologically, certain concepts linking ecocriticism with decolonial and feminist ideas are used to show the interconnectedness of the corresponding social, gender, and environmental problems and the interaction of all elements in complex ecosystems. All lyrics discussed in this paper expose and denounce colonialist-patriarchal structures of capitalist-oriented power systems. Analyses of Ana Tijoux’s “Rio abajo” and Sara Hebe’s “Eco Sistema” reveal that nature, water and more specifically the balance in the earth’s ecosystem are more important than capitalist profit and raise decolonial and ecofeminist proposals for the liberation of nature, women, and subaltern subjects now with voice and agency.





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