Massimo Zamboni – musicista punk e romanziere di Berlino


  • Christoph Oliver Mayer HU Berlin



Massimo Zamboni, well known as the founder of Italian’s 1980’s punk band CCCP and nowadays also as a solo singer and since twenty years as a writer, published in 2017 his autobiographical work Nessuna voce dentro. The book tells us about the year 1981 he spent in Berlin, a year which became decisive for his musical career. The release of the CD La sonata a Kreuzberg, in cooperation with Angela Baraldi and Cristiano Roversi, in 2018, must be understood as the soundtrack to the book, as it illustrates the spirit of Berlin at the beginning of the 1980s, especially that of the alternative punk scene in Kreuzberg. The article shows also how the combination of novel and CD relies on a concept already used by Pier Vittorio Tondelli.





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