‹ Entanglement ›. Réflexions artistiques sur un concept historique. Napoleon Maddox, Lino et Rocé et l’histoire transnationale


  • Birgit Mertz-Baumgartner LFU




The three artists discussed in this article – Napoleon Maddox, Lino, Rocé – thematise in their
works ‘histories of violence’ that have not been brought together by historians, either because of the
historical or geographical distance of the events, or because of a restricted, often national research perspective. Like archaeologists these artists excavate aforementioned relations and thus make visible their intertwining. Maddox’ performance, Lino’s rap and Rocé’s compilation of songs can be understood as reflections on the relational and transnational character of history, on the necessity of rewriting history from a global perspective and of teaching these entangled histories to younger generations. The artistic creations of these rapper-philosophers (Rocé) are certainly protesting, but above all metahistorical and metamnemonic, they are philosophical reflections in the form of works of art.



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